Area 18 Career and Technical Education

Area 18 is celebrating over 30 years of excellence in the delivery of Career and Technical Education. Our schools have continuously worked to implement career programs that bring workplace relevance to the hallways of our high schools. The integration of academics with real-world career programs happens everyday in Area 18 high schools. It is no accident that our schools earned an "A" for making sure that students are College and Career Ready!

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Manufacturing: Precision Machine Tech.

"If you can think it, we can make it." - South Adams HS - Area 18 Precision Machine Technology

Arts, AV Technology & Communications: Visual Arts

"Training students for real-life experiences with deadlines." - Jay County HS - Area 18 Graphic Design & Layout

Health Science: Health Care Specialities

"Taking Health Science Education to new heights." - Bellmont HS

Agriculture: Agribusiness

"Power, Structure, and Technology - assisting today's farmers" - Jay County HS

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Area 18 CTE Cooperative - Serving Adams, Wells, Jay, Blackford, & Huntington Counties in Indiana
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About Area 18

In the Beginning:

In 1963, Indiana passed a law which allowed schools to cooperate with each other to provide a cost-effective method for the joint delivery of specialized and expensive vocational/technical programs.

The Growing Years:

Area 18 Vocational Education (now known as Area 18 Career & Technical Education) was established in 1982 with Adams Central, Bluffton-Harrison, South Adams and Southern Wells forming the partnership. North Adams joined the group in 1988, Jay County in 1994, Northern Wells in 1997, Huntington in 1999, and Blackford in 2010.

Area 18 Career & Technical Education has gone from an enrollment of only a few students in 1982 to over 4900 students with 8150 CTE enrollments (averaging 1.6 CTE courses per student) for the 2012/2013 school year.

Where We're Going:

Area 18 is continuously working to create a Career and Technical Education delivery system second to none. All schools evaluate course offerings annually to determine the needs of our local and regional workplace. CTE Instructors work to provide their students opportunity to earn college credits and valuable industry certifications while in high school.

Area 18 Guidance Departments and Career Preparation teachers are all working together to assist students as they plan for their futures. Student have a multitude of Career Pathways that have been designed to connect the high school experiences with the workplace and continued education.

We are very proud of our Area 18 Career & Technical Education network. Our students are College and Career Ready!

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"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." - Seneca, Roman Philosopher